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The German bakery that specializes in baking chocolate chip cookies has a rich history. Its founder, Jonathan White, started his business in 1920 in Munich, Germany. He was the first to start making chocolate chip cookies in Germany and his product quickly became popular with the locals.
Since then, the bakery has become one of the most famous in the world. Its products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world, and every year it produces more than 2 million kilograms of biscuits. Chocolate chip cookies have become a symbol of German quality and taste, and many people consider them to be one of the best in the world.
Today, the bakery continues to develop and expand its products. She offers not only chocolate chip cookies, but also other types of cookies, such as classic cookies, cookies with fruits and nuts, and cookies for children.
In addition, the bakery is actively involved in social projects and charity. She supports orphanages, schools and hospitals, and also conducts charity events for people in need.
All in all, the history of the German chocolate chip cookie bakery is a prime example of a successful business that has continued to grow and delight its customers for over 100 years.

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The bakery has become an example of charity

The bakery donates part of its profits to various charitable projects, such as helping orphans, supporting the elderly, fighting hunger, etc.

The bakery has gone to the next level

Our bakery has reached a record level of profit - more than a billion dollars a month! This is the result of the successful work of a team of professionals who are constantly improving their technologies and improving product quality.

Using neural networks to improve baking

Neural networks are a new way to create unique recipes in a bakery. They allow you to quickly and easily create new flavors and combinations of ingredients that can be used to create new types of cookies and other products.